2005 Swedish Touring Car Championship season
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The 2005 Swedish Touring Car Championship season was the 10th Swedish Touring Car Championship (STCC) season. In total eight racing weekends at six different circuits were held; each round comprising three races, making a twenty-four round competition in total.

Changes for 2005Edit

  • The race format of qualifying and two races per weekend were removed. Instead two short sprints would be raced, and the combined results of those two races would determine the grid for the third, longer race.
  • Points were awarded for the top six grid positions for the long race (the six drivers that succeeded the most in the qualification races): 6-5-4-3-2-1.
  • The longer race gave points by the system 20-17-14-11-9-7-5-3-2-1.
  • Grid positions for the first qualification race was decided by randomly drawing the driver's starting numbers from a cup. This grid was then reversed for the second qualification race. The drawings were later replaced by a one-lap shootout for the quickest time after teams put pressure on the organisation.
  • Extra ballast weight were given to the top four drivers of the championship and the top four long race winners by the system 1st: +20 kg, 2nd: +15 kg, 3rd: +10 kg and 4th: +5 kg. Maximum extra weight was set to 40 kg. Weight gained from the long race stayed for one weekend after the gaining of the weight and was then removed from the car.
  • Tyres were limited to 20 slick tyres per weekend, whereof 8 of these 20 were allowed to be new tyres.
  • TV coverage was extended, with Viasat Sport/ZTV covering three and a half hours live action from each race weekend
  • STCC AB had a board change. Mike Luff, Sven-Göte Svensson, Håkan Junfors and Lars Frisell were replaced by Tommy Theorin, Joakim Wiedesheim and Christer Johansson.

Teams and driversEdit

C = Challenge

Driver Nat. Team Car Class
Richard Göransson Sweden West Coast Racing BMW 320i
Thed Björk Sweden West Coast Racing BMW 320i
Robert Dahlgren Sweden Polestar Racing Volvo S60
Edward Sandström Sweden Polestar Racing Volvo S60
Fredrik Ekblom Sweden Kristoffersson Motorsport Audi A4
Tommy Kristoffersson Sweden Kristoffersson Motorsport Audi A4
Tommy Rustad Template:Country data NOR Opel Team Sweden Opel Astra
Jan Nilsson Sweden Flash Engineering BMW 320i
Tomas Engström Sweden Engström Motorsport Honda Accord
Jens Hellström Sweden Engström Motorsport Honda Civic Type-R
Johan Stureson Sweden IPS Motorsport Peugeot 407
Mattias Andersson Sweden Team Italienska Bil Alfa Romeo 156
Tobias Johansson Sweden Mercedes-Benz Sport Mercedes C200
Hans Simonsson Sweden Mercedes-Benz Sport Mercedes C200
Daniel Haglöf Sweden Team Agrol Honda Civic Type-R
Christer Gellerstedt Sweden Gellerstedt Motorsport BMW 320i C
Johan Nilsson Sweden JN Racing BMW 320i C
Joakim Gustavsson Sweden Team Gustavsson Volvo S60 C
Ronnie Brandt Sweden Mälarpower Volvo S40 Evo 5 C
Håkan Johansson Sweden Johansson Motorsport BMW 320 D E46 C
Patrik Andersson Sweden Budda Racing Volvo S60 C

Race calendar and winnersEdit

Round Circuit Date Winning driver Winning team
Sweden Ring Knutstorp 22 May Tommy Rustad
Thed Björk
Opel Team Sweden
West Coast Racing
Sweden Karlskoga Motorstadion 6 June Jan Nilsson
Tomas Engström
Flash Engineering
Engström Motorsport
Sweden Anderstorp 19 June Johan Stureson
Edward Sandström
IPS Motorsport
Polestar Racing
Sweden Falkenbergs Motorbana 10 July Robert Dahlgren
Robert Dahlgren
Polestar Racing
Polestar Racing
Sweden Ring Knutstorp 7 August Robert Dahlgren
Johan Stureson
Polestar Racing
IPS Motorsport
Sweden Karlskoga Motorstadion 21 August Fredrik Ekblom
Thed Björk
Kristoffersson Motorsport
West Coast Racing
Template:Country data NOR Våler 4 September Tomas Engström
Richard Göransson
Engström Motorsport
West Coast Racing
Sweden Mantorp 18 September Richard Göransson
Richard Göransson
West Coast Racing
West Coast Racing

Championship resultsEdit

Driver's championshipEdit

Position Driver Points
1 Richard Göransson 169
2 Thed Björk 141
3 Johan Stureson 117
4 Edward Sandström 97
5 Tomas Engström 87
6 Fredrik Ekblom 73
7 Robert Dahlgren 71
8 Tommy Rustad 67
9 Jan Nilsson 49
10 Tommy Kristoffersson 41
11 Daniel Haglöf 30
12 Mattias Andersson 25
13 Jens Hellström 21
14 Ronnie Brandt 2

STCC ChallengeEdit

Position Driver Points
1 Johan Nilsson 168
2 Ronnie Brandt 124
3 Joakim Gustavsson 97
4 Christer Gellerstedt 44
5 Håkan Johansson 26
6 Patrik Andersson 22

Manufacturer's championshipEdit

Position Manufacturer Points
1 BMW 159
2 Peugeot 120
3 Volvo 120
4 Honda 115
5 Audi 104
6 Alfa Romeo 68



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