1961 Australian Touring Car Championship
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The 1961 Australian Touring Car Championship was a CAMS sanctioned motor racing title for drivers of Appendix J Touring Cars.[1] The championship, which was contested over a single 72 mile (115 km) race [2] staged at the Lowood circuit in Queensland on 3 September 1961, was the second running of the Australian Touring Car Championship.[3] The race was won by Bill Pitt, driving a Jaguar 3.4 Litre.[4]


Jaguars dominated proceedings, filling the first two rows of the grid and the top four race positions. Pitt started from the front row but had to come back through the field after polesitter Ian Geoghegan won the start and pulled away early. Pitt fought his way past Ron Hodgson then tracked down Geogehgan who was fading with a minor clutch problem. Hodgson hung on to third place in what was his best chance to win the ATCC. Geoghegan would only have to wait another three years to win the Championships. Hodgson would eventually win the ATCC as a team owner in 1979.

Behind the Jaguar of Bill Burns, Bob Holden was best of the rest in his Holden FJ ahead of Muir Daniel driving an Austin A105.


Race results:[3][5]

Position Driver No.[3][6] Car Laps
1 Bill Pitt 34 Jaguar 3.4 Litre 25
2 Ian Geoghegan 5 Jaguar 3.4 Litre
3 Ron Hodgson 69 Jaguar 3.8 Litre Mark 2
4 Bill Burns Jaguar 3.4 Litre
5 Bob Holden 113 Holden FJ
6 Muir Daniel Austin A105
7 Cecil Keid 32 Holden FJ
8 Ken Bridgen 63 Peugeot 403
9 Viv Eddy 12 Morris 850
10 J. D. Sherman 77 Ford XK Falcon
11 J. Whalen Morris Minor 1000
12 T. Uren Peugeot 203
DNF Noel Trees 8 Morris 850 13
DNF Des West Morris 850 12
DNF Barry Gibson Ford Zephyr 9
DNF Roy Sawyer Ford Anglia 105E 8
DNF Bob Jane 7 Jaguar 3.8 Litre Mark 2 1 [7]



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